How To Get There


From La Croix Valmer to Résidence Les Marronniers

Résidence Les Marronniers lies in the area of Mas de Gigaro, in the village of La Croix Valmer. It is however, not directly in the village, but in the surrounding hills.

If you are arriving by car, navigate to La Croix Valmer.

Once you are in La Croix Valmer, follow the signs to Plage de Gigaro. You will know when you have arrived at Plage de Gigaro, as you will pass the beach on the right hand side. Drive all the way along the promenade - around 200 m. The road has a sharp left hand 90° bend in it.

Carefully, go around this corner and continue for another 100 m.

On the left, you will see the Hotel de Gigaro behind the trees and a wall. (The hotel's sign is photographed to the right)

The road now bends to the left, and the entrance to the Mas de Gigaro is in the curve, to the right.

On entering the Mas de Gigaro you will go though a slide gate and notice a little bump in the road, when you drive over the gate's threshold. There is a sign saying that the road is private property.

Staying on the private road, drive all the way to the top of the hill for around three kilometers. Always following the main road up the hill. The incline of the hill gets steeper and steeper the further you go - towards the top, it is very steep. You will drive over two sleeping policemen along the way. Do not turn into any of the side streets - stay on the main road.

Résidence Les Marronniers is approximately 200 m from the top of the hill on the left hand side.

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If you arrive during the day, you will immediately see the stone entrance area of Résidence Les Marronniers, as illustrated in the photograph to the right. (Click on the photograph to get an enlarged view).

Open the gates of Résidence Les Marronniers (closing them behind you) and drive down the drive into the court yard. The court yard can accommodate three or four cars.

If you need help finding the villa, please contact us on the French contact telephone number: +33 (0) 494 79 58 97.