Quieter than the neighboring coastal towns, across the bay from Résidence Les Marronniers lies Cavalaire - a costal resort that offers translucent waters and spectacular sea beds in an unspoiled environment.

The magnificent three kilometer long beach has made the reputation of this town and the Les Pradels mountain range that jut up behind, confirm it.

The sun shines warmly all year long and entices tourists to head out to some of the famous islands of the Mediterranean: Les Iles d'Hyères, Porquerolles and Port Cros.


Paradise for Sailors

Cavalaire is a paradise for sailors and has a modern, easy to navigate port with 1,230 sheltered moorings: Her wide bay is the perfect year-round spot for experiencing the pleasures of the sea.

The bay is a favorite training venue for jet ski fans. The Cavalaire Jet Offshore championship, which takes place every year in September, offers spectators spectacular free style demonstrations and heart-stopping races.

Cavalaire is also a great place for micro light flying, paragliding, windsurfing, optimist and catamaran. Either bring your own, or rent from the numerous surf shacks along the sea front.

As night falls and pretty lights glitter in the streets, Cavalaire's local piano-bars, ice-cream parlors, terrace café and Maison de la Mer promenade come alive to the sound of music.

As Cavalaire lies only ten minutes drive away from Résidence Les Marronniers, it has proven to be a popular evening destination for our guests looking to be close to nature, away from the stress of the large towns, but at the same time, wanting an enjoyable and entertaining night out.

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Further Information about Cavalaire

For more information, please contact Office de Tourisme (see below). They will be only too pleased to assist you further and to send you tourist information via snail mail.

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