La Croix Valmer


La Croix Valmer is the village in which Résidence Les Marronniers resides. It offers many discreet little creeks and beaches of fine white sand sheltered from the winds.

La Croix Valmer's reputation as one of the Riviera's wealthiest resorts goes back to the 1950's: A select clientele, a long sandy beach where you can dream, swim or sail your days away, drew those who could afford it in yesteryear.

Multicolored Seascapes

La Croix Valmer is a small Provençal village set in a gently-sloping, sheltered valley, overlooking the Mediterranean. The village's fantastic, multicolored seascapes are renowned for their beauty throughout the world. Take a look at some of the panoramic photographs shot from the terrace of Résidence Les Marronniers to see the beauty for yourself.


A Paradise for Walkers

Our guests in the past have loved strolling among the local vineyards, exploring the rocky coastal paths or just doing nothing on the beach.

For serious walkers, La Croix Valmer offers a plethora of well designed and well maintained hiking trails. The trail from Plage de Gigaro to Cap Lardier and Cap Taillat, or Les Plages d'Escalet near Ramatuelle are best explored on foot.

This rocky and tree-filled headland, set at an altitude of 197 m adjacent to the Col de Collebasse pass, is a wonderful invitation to discover Provence's rich plant life.

To make the best of your walk, its sharp relief is best tackled with heavy duty walking shoes. Out of experience, we can assure you that trainers or sports shoes do not last long on this rugged and demanding landscape.

All of this area, densely forested with Aleppo and umbrella pines, is protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral (Coastal Preservation Society), bird species including owls, passerines, blackbirds, gulls, falcons and gannets come to shelter and reproduce here.

We therefore ask you to respect the signs that designate what may and what may not be done in this national park.

The La Croix Valmer Tourist Board has produced a short film for their town. To view the film, you need to have Flash installed. The landscape shown in the film is directly accessible from Résidence Les Marronniers - some of it, not more than one kilometer way.

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Further Information about La Croix Valmer

For more information, please contact Office de Tourisme de La Croix Valmer (see below). They will be only too pleased to assist you further and to send you tourist information via snail mail.

Office de Tourisme de La Croix Valmer
BP 56
Esplanade de la Gare
83420 La Croix Valmer

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