Tucked away on the hillside, the village of Ramatuelle exhales perfumes of jasmine and geranium, rose laurel and honeysuckle.

Ramatuelle is a sheltered village around ten minutes drive away from Résidence Les Marronniers. As you arrive, it feels that you are penetrating a fortified town just like the Saracens in the past. But there is no need to worry, the Saracens are long gone and Ramatuelle is now a quiet and unextravagant afternoon excursion, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the French Riviera coast.

The main square has kept its original name Place de l'Ormeau (Elm Square). On fine days, you can tell the time on the sundial above the Tourist Office.


Beautiful Bougainvillea

The stone facades are covered in colorful bougainvillea and craftsmen come regularly to the village to present their wicker, wooden or fabric creations, while the fountain with its magnificent lion's head continues to gush the water that formerly supplied the whole population.

In ancient times, the inhabitants of Ramatuelle were mainly farmers and winegrowers.

Unextravagant and Peaceful

A quiet and unextravagant life, as the people of Ramatuelle will tell you. And although the old elm no longer exists and was replaced in 1983 by an olive tree - a symbol of the Provence and longevity - although horses and cattle no longer jostle for space at the drinking trough, Ramatuelle is still a profoundly rural village.

Many artists come here to take advantage of Ramatuelle's unique quality of life. The famous actor Gérard Philipe lived in Ramatuelle for a long time. The older generations still remember the sound of his old Ford as he crossed the village. He was buried in the cemetery in 1959.

Ramatuelle has no port, as its inhabitants had always feared the proximity of the coast - the source of many dangers (and sometimes liberation, as in August 1944). This strategic position has allowed Ramatuelle to defend itself admirably throughout the centuries.

Those looking for tranquility and a true Provençal village will have their desires fulfilled in the picturesque village of Ramatuelle.

Further Information about Ramatuelle

For more information, please contact Office de Tourisme et de la Culture (see below). They will be only too pleased to assist you further and to send you tourist information via snail mail.

Office de Tourisme et de la Culture
Place de l'Ormeau
83350 Ramatuelle

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