The fame of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez was established a long time ago: A legend tells us that the name 'Saint-Tropez' comes from Tropes, a martyr who refused to give up his faith. He was beheaded and his body was thrown into a boat, which drifted into what is now called the Golfe de Saint-Tropez, where he finally came ashore.

In the twenties, Saint-Tropez attracted international stars from the world of fashion. After the war, it became the French existentialists' summer quarter. But it was in the fifties - thanks to Brigitte Bardot - that Saint-Tropez received international recognition.

Nowadays, the fishing village resort Saint-Tropez is very popular with tourists and is always top of the sightseeing list for guests staying at Résidence Les Marronniers. It lies around fifteen minutes dive away from the villa.

Set on the blue waters of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez, this modern version of a medieval town is most popular for the line of luxury yachts in her harbor and the facing line of terrace cafés (such as Le Sénéquier), divided by a parade of strolling tourists and slowly cruising sports cars.

Night life is very lively and often one can see helicopters bringing elegant guests to private parties in one of the many luxurious villas in the bay. 'People watching' is a favorite sport here in Summer. Visitors like to sit in the outdoor cafés hoping either to be seen or to see someone else.


Fête de la Bravade

A bravade (or 'act of defiance'), originally a procession in honor of a town's patron saint, is now a colorful Provençal festival. The Saint-Tropezienne bravade, every May, is one of the most famous, dating back to the fifteenth century.

A bust of the patron saint (illustrated in the photograph to the right) is carried in a procession through the town with a guard of honor, with gun salvos, Provençal singing and dancing.

This procession is one of the highlights in the Provence in May. It takes place between 16 May and 18 May. If you are staying at Résidence Les Marronniers over the Fête de la Bravade, you really must make it one of your top sight seeing priorities.


Beaches: Baie de Pampelonne

The best Saint-Tropezien beaches are located along the coast in the Baie de Pampelonne, which lies south of Saint-Tropez and east of Ramatuelle. Pampelonne offers a collection of beaches along its five kilometer shore. Each beach is around thirty meters wide with its own beach hut and private or public tanning area.

Some beaches are very chic and offer fashion shows on the beach; others are quiet and relaxing and some even have restaurants and cafés directly on the water's edge.

Many of the beaches offer windsurfing, sailing and canoeing equipment for rent; while others offer an abundance of motorized water sports: Power boats, jet bikes and water skiing.

Open during the day and night, the Pampelonne beaches are able to offer exactly the kind of beach life demanded by any tourist.

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