Le Sénéquier in Saint-Tropez


Despite the thousands of tourists that descend on the town every day in the season, Saint-Tropez has been able to uphold a certain institution: Le Sénéquier café. Its red chairs and red sun shades have been part of the port front for many decades.

Many consider the deck-chairs and three sided tables at Le Sénéquier to be an ideal location for people watching. Sitting in the café, one can watch the world go by: people having lunch on exclusive yachts, elegant blonds going about their daily shopping rituals and wives of American millionaires strolling along the pavement.

Baker from Provençal Hinterland

In 1889, a baker from the Provencal Hinterland, called Aristide Sénéquier, opened a small tea room with adjoining cake shop in the port. Within a very short time, the shop became well known and earned an excellent reputation in part for its nougat. To this day, the recipe is a closely guarded family secret.


At the beginning of the thirties, Aristide Sénéquier started serving his produce on the pavement in front of his shop. Even in those days, all tables were taken all the time.

The beginning of the Second World War interrupted business although the café did remain open. On 15 August 1944, however, the Germans bombed the port, thus forcing the café to close.

All of the buildings in the port, as well as the majority of the boats in the water were completely destroyed. Le Sénéquier was reduced to a heap of rubble.

More than a decade later the port was rebuilt. Although at the time, there were lengthy discussions about the appearance of the rebuilt port - a complete modernization was planned - architects managed to convince the mayor that the port should be rebuilt to its former pre-war splendor.

Today, the café is a family business, already in its third generation. In the season, more than twenty waiters serve drinks and canapes in three shifts. The café is open from 07:30, at which time it is full of locals enjoying their daily pasties and only closes when the last customers have left in the early hours of the morning.

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