Located on the coast around 80 km westwards of Résidence Les Marronniers, Toulon is a picturesque city full of ancient fountains, colorful daily markets and a traditional fishing harbor.

A large part of the journey from Résidence Les Marronniers to Toulon is on dual carriageway and thus, the transit time is less than one hour.

Toulon is an international city full of diversity: Streets similar to those in Aix-en-Provence are coupled with an active navel base; Provençal street cafes are outside modern shopping centers; the traditional markets sell their wares in direct competition to supermarkets; and the modern train station is right next to old buildings with wrought-iron balconies.

Vieux Toulon

The old town offers an abundance of squares and quaint, narrow streets. Two of the most predominant squares - both of which are very worthy of a visit - are Place de la Liberté with its magnificent fountain, half way between the old town and the train station and Porte d'Italie in the east end of the town.

Markets take place in the streets and squares every day. Here you can expect to buy fruit and vegetables at a price that is about 30% lower than you would pay towards Saint-Tropez. Indeed, the cost of living in Toulon is considerably lower than elsewhere in the Provence.

Trompes l'Oeil - Click to enlarge.

Trompes l'Oeil

Although not unique to Toulon, she does offer some very interesting and very large Trompes l'Oeil, painted onto the side of old buildings. Trompe l'Oeil, meaning 'to deceive the eye', refers to the manner in which a subject (a still life or a scenic view) is intentionally painted to trick the viewer into thinking it is real. Consider the photo to the right, clicking upon it to get an enlarged view.

The San Francisco (top of the enlarged photo) and Place Vatel (bottom of the enlarged photo) scenes are fine examples. It is only an illusion that you can see into and through the building of the first one. The wall of the building is actually solid and the scene is only painted onto it.

The artist has recreated the exact perspective of someone standing on the road. The latter is actually three dimensional, with the front of the old sailing ship extending out from the wall in larger-than-life size stone.

Night Life

A town that is temporary home to thousands of sailors is bound to have a nightlife scene that is earthier and a bit raunchier than those of equivalent-size towns elsewhere. The majority of the bars in Toulon are a little rough-and-ready, sport stiff drinks and mostly live music. This is not an area in which a lady should go out on her own at night.

Further Information about Toulon

For more information, please contact Office de Tourisme de Toulon (see below). They will be only too pleased to assist you further and to send you tourist information via snail mail.

Office de Tourisme de Toulon
Place Raimu
83000 Toulon

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